It was in his native country Sweden at the early age of five when Arian Saravi began to make his first drawings next to his mother. At a young age Arian Saravi paints his vision of the great theatre called life. Using bold colours and expressive shapes and figures he shows people behind their social facade. The stunning paintings of the world renowned artist can now be admired at

Only 19 years old, Saravi now creates contemporary art. “SOLD OUT!” is a term he often hears. His works are already sold before his exhibitions thanks to his unique way of painting. After having presented his art pieces in cities such as London, Florence, Milan, Prato, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Båstad

This is a great opportunity to admire the works of an artist who makes you feel an overflowing energy the moment you see him. Because he is one of those special people, in the best sense of the word, who seem to have a halo. Who are pure feeling and life. And that’s also exactly what Arian Saravi wanted to show in this exhibition


The exhibition’s purpose is to show the people behind the social facade. In a world often dominated by everything superficial, it’s surprising how at such a young age, Saravi speaks in a very deep way about life and its meaning. Eventually, it doesn’t matter to have lived long. In the same way that it’s not necessary to have gone through many bad experiences in life to be able to give advice. Do what you feel like and follow your instinct, it will always work. And that’s exactly what Saravi has done.

Admiring one of his paintings, observing it, letting it guide you is to taste life in all its intensity. You don’t find any bad pieces in Saravi’s exhibitions. In addition, all of them reflect the great theatre of life with its lights and shadows. This is his understanding of life. We suffer but we can also be equally happy. All this he highlights with the use of golden colour, characteristic of all his works. This way he clarifies his message: to live life with great passion.